Sunday, December 19, 2010

4-6 year soccer games

different colored short cones: green, white, yellow, orange, blue, light blue
1' diameter multicolored rings
PUGG - pop up goals
Small Hurdles

Penny Tag in 25' x 25' grid
- tag w/ penny
- tag w/ penny & ball
- pass penny if tagged

Pirate Ship
- set up grid and the plank
- 'swab the deck' - roll ball back and forth under foot
- 'hoist the main sail' - pick ball up and throw as high as they can
- 'walk the plank' - weave the plank cones
- 'shark attack' - dribble ball to safe area

Buried Treasure
- hide candy under cones
- kids 'sail the seven seas' and find the treasure under the cones while dribbling the soccer ball
- they can only bring one piece of candy back to their 'treasure chest' at a time

Stuck in the Mud
- if tagged, pick up ball over head, make tunnel with your legs
- friend must put ball through your legs to be unfrozen
- "it" gets people stuck
- 25' x 25' grid
- kids help each other

- run from haunted house to haunted house about 90' away from each other without getting hit by ball... if hit, they turn from ghost to ghostbuster
- to call the ghosts out of the house the ghostbusters yell, "Who you gonna call?" and the ghosts yell, "Ghostbusters!" and run to the other haunted house
- can do a derivative of this with crabwalk
- can do another derivative with Aliens

Sticky Donut
- put the rings in a circle, each child stands in a ring
- "it" goes around the outside of the circle, tags someone and says sticky donut.... then they run opposite around the circle to get back to the ring...

- 3'x3' grid inside 25'x25' grid is racetrack
- kids dribble balls clockwise on racetrack, if the 'police' catch them, they get a ticket and get their ball kicked of the track

Use Pop Up Goals for scoring goals

Use Hurdles to jump over or put ball through course
- emphasize little touches

Mad Hatter
- run with cone on your head
- emphasize head up
- then with ball

Putter Pass for Prizes
- use the inside of your foot to knock the ball off the cone for prizes

Clean Up Cones
- dribble ball to get cones

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