Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey guys...
If you're sensitive to the cause of fighting against cancer AND you want to see the evolution of my fro from Pre-K through 8th grade AND you want to see how Isaiah's first piano recital went amongst other amazing videos/pictures/words...

I highly suggest you click on this link to donate to the American Cancer Society

After you donate you will receive access to the blog that contains all these wonders.

In the "Send a note to whom you are supporting" field, please include your email account because that is the email I will be inviting to read my private blog.

Shortly after you donate, I will take your email address and send you an invitation, you will receive an invitation email that begins with:
The Blogger user Human Amoeba has invited you to read the private blog: The Collectors, The Life Reflectors 2010.

Seriously, this is my way of feeling like I'm giving you something in exchange for the monetary favor you're doing for me in donating to Relay For Life and the fight against Cancer.
It's REALLY hard for me to just straight up ask people for money for any cause. So this is my way of deluding myself into believing I'm actually offering you something that's worth any amount that you were willing to donate. Please feed my delusions.
If you do consider doing this, please leave a comment on the blog, so I know you got access and I won't have to worry I messed up the invitation.

Thanks for reading this far,

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