Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creation and Service

These are some of the answers to the questions. Some of the most important answers.

Creation is the end result of the process. My whole life has spun towards creation. Often all the work I put in was geared towards getting some time at the end of the day to create. Everything has to be in place first. Then, if life was balanced and focused, then the bliss of creation. I endured college and my most cherished memories involved creating with my friends. Harmonies, beats, moves, lyrics, music videos, prayers, blogs, relationships. All end results of a child trying to create.
It's why parent's hearts rejoice at a drawing of a dog from their three year old. That child is doing what every inner being longs to do. For parent's, it's especially epic. It's your creation, creating.
Hearts and souls aren't inspired by the following of rules. Hearts and souls are moved by creation. Creation inspired by love and creation for the purpose of love is the ultimate joy.
A bouquet picked for mama. Habitat for Humanity. Isaiah, Ethan, Owen.

Service is the joy in the process.
Lives lived by choice in service to others are those most revered. A part of us wishes we could serve as well as we'd like too. The choice to serve has unlocked more paths to peace in me. If my soul is not creating or serving, it's not fulfilled. It can't sleep well. I've never known real sleep until recently. My life is lived in joyful service to my God, my wife, my children, my family, friends, my work. My body was more exhausted when I was merely serving myself. It's as if service to others possesses it's own energy source, separate from energy expended on self-gratification. Lately I've been trying to put Annalisa's needs above mine, and I can see her trying to be more sensitive to my needs. Life is so much better when it's lived like that.

My suspicion is that it's not money.
It's Creation and Service

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