Monday, September 29, 2008

Annalisa and I went to Saltwater at MGM Grand Detroit for our 5 year anniversary.

We talked about how much we love being married to each other. Having thought very hard about it, I discovered that three of my top reasons for loving being married to Annalisa are:

1. The Food - I will concede that I have low standards. But I have to believe that even given that, Annalisa's culinary skills are still very high. Throw in my low standards and the fact that I would probably be living off of sandwiches without her, and her skills go off the charts.

2. Her sense of humor - Annalisa is SO much funnier than when I first met her. I don't know if it's because Ryan and Steen were such riots, that Annalisa's humor may have been drowned out. Or maybe she just wasn't that funny back then, and it was just enough for me that she was pretty and smart. But there are times now when she kills me. Some of her impressions put me on the floor. You'll never hear them because she's so shy. But her Shakira and Bella impressions always make me giggle.

3. Her work - Inspired passion is so sexy and captivating and cool to be around. I love that she works hard and that her work has focus and results that affect people's lives. I'm so proud of her work and the work she does.

Honorable Mention. Same page - The fact that we're pretty much on the same page. This is more of a comment on our relationship and our thought processes when it comes to raising kids. If I were to re-word it into an attribute related to Annalisa, I would say that it's her analytical skills. I love her ability to read what needs to be done, interpret not only what I'm saying, but the vibe I'm emitting, and formulate an intelligent opinion on how we should move forward.

Now that I'm in the zone of things I love about Annalisa, I think I'll keep writing.

Her shopping - before this would be way down on the list of things I like about Annalisa. But now I've seen over the years how really most of her purchases take into account our current financial situation while understanding what the house needs to operate. So it took a while, but I really think her ability to shop and find deals helps our family more than it hurts it.

Her face - I think she has the prettiest face in the whole wide world.

So clearly I love my wife and I've established that I think she's smart and wonderful and pretty.

With that said......

Ever see Forrest Gump?
At the beginning and end of Forrest Gump there are beautiful shots of a feather falling and rising through the air.

One day, Annalisa goes, "How'd they get the feather to do that?"


mad said...

i still remember...
this is me
on one knee
asking will you eat cookie?
i'm glad you shared that magical moment with us!

Steen said...

oh so wonderful.....congrats on 5 years!

love you guys!